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Quinoa Vodka Review

Quinoa Vodka

Quinoa Vodka from FIRST

It is interesting to drink a Vodka that is made from Quinoa, a gluten-free grain that was eaten by the Incas to provide vegetable protein in their meals. The “Fair Trade Spirits Company” in Paris, France, is the creator of this unusual Fair Trade Vodka. Besides, they also offer a Fair Trade Whiskey, a Belize-made Rum, a juniper Gin and two liqueurs with cafe or goji taste.

Quinoa guarantees a good Vodka

Before I opened my first bottle of FAIR Quinoa Vodka, I had to digest some interesting aspects about this fluid. First of all, the use of Quinoa cares for an outstanding characteristic. Secondly, the Fair Trade concept is usually not combined with alcoholic drinks. FAIR Vodka proves that social concern can lead to the first Fair Trade Vodka ever. Fair prices for the plantation workers in Bolivia are guaranteed. Bravo! The clear alcoholic liquid is brewed in France, though. The FAIR Vodka distillery is experienced in making quality cognacs for over 40 years. After you open the unspectacular bottle with its reserved label, you enjoy a slightly oily liquid with a promising body. When you leave some FAIR Vodka in your glass, you find that other signs of a solid body will develop. This distillate is clean and surprisingly smooth with some minor traces of sweetness. A Vodka Martini with FAIR Vodka is a first class Martini. When you use FAIR Vodka in cocktails, you have to find out for yourself, where is tastes better that other Vodka brands. The use of Quinoa cares for some traces of nut-like flavour. When you cook Quinoa, you can also trace the very fine nut-like taste. The unspectacular bottle has a cork crew. The label is removeable with ease. That allows for a nice and neutral bottle you can re-use for other purposes.

Vodka for people with social consciousness

If you ever wished to buy a Fair Trade Vodka, here it comes. This Vodka does certainly not win awards for exeptional taste or creative bottle design. The idea and concept behind FAIR Vodka is different. FAIR Vodka is made from unusal grain and produced under Fair Trade conditions. It deserves as much attention as any other Vodka on the market. I prefer the more private distilleries because they care more about their products. The market is filled with products that have no soul and are directed towards the masses. If you wish to give an ideological statement by buying FAIR Vodka instead of other Vodka-brands, you can do so. The French distillery team invested two years of research and combined effort with the Andean Quinoa farmers, before they launched their Quinoa Vodka. The Quinoa seed stems fom the Altiplano mountains in the Andes. Volcanic soils care for a rich Quinoa harvest. It is interesting that some experts see Quinoa-Seed as a natural super-food because of its protein-content. Naturally, a Quinoa Fair Trade Vodka will convince with many different qualities – but it might still be super “food”.

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