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AnestasiA Vodka – Review

anestasia Vodka

How convenient that a Vodka like “AnestasiA” reminds one of an alcoholic anesthesia rather than waking remembrances of the female Russian name Anastasia. However, it is unclear why all three sound the same while meaning totally different things. At least, “AnestasiA Vodka” is a liquid narcotic that deserves another critical review.

This bottle is purely avantgarde

Maybe I am not the art expert you would expect here to inform you about artistic bottle designs. In this case my lack of artistic expertise does not matter. Everyone can see that the bottle designers of “AnestasiA Vodka” took great pleasure in designing a unique and “insanely avantgarde” bottle, as one online reviewer put it. There is nothing to add to this expertise. The “AnestasiA Vodka”-bottle is breathtaking indeed and has already won many design awards. It is typically American, to also stress that it is made of 40% recycled glass. Social engagement and environmental aspects belong to modern marketing strategies in the US. However, for a Vodka review the contents of a bottle are more interesting. The big question is: Is the taste of “AnestasiA Vodka” in 2015 as promising as the bottle wants us to think?

You will be very surprised when you test this Oregon Vodka nowadays. Insiders will remember that the first attempt of this brand to storm the international Vodka market was made in 2012. Back then, “AnestasiA Vodka” was descibed as “mouth-numbing”. The first drinkers found a rich menthol-like flavor that was unmentioned on the label of the bottle. The breath of menthol flavour was so prominent that it was breathtaking indeed. The result was a lot of ridicule and mockery among the professional reviewers, while the public simply ignored “AnestasiA Vodka”. These unfortunate events cared for a second market placement of “AnestasiA Vodka” in 2015. Obviously the brewery-team in Oregon was keen on being a success this time. The bottle of “AnastesiA Vodka” is still the same, spectacular as it is. The contents have changed completely, though. When I tested it again some days ago, I found that this Vodka made from sweet corn and mountain water is now almost tasteless. Somehow it still has a clean medical undernote followed by traces of vanilla and brown sugar.

Opinions differ, but a test is recommendable

Some people may think this Vodka in its new composition is almost perfect. Others may say that “AnestasiA Vodka” is neither memorable nor unnecessary. This is exactly the point that makes Vodka studies so interesting for me. We all know that everyone has his or her favorites. US-Marketing strategies have it that “AnestasiA Vodka” is “whacky” or “far from the beaten path”. They even describe “AnestasiA Vodka” as sensational. Such exclamations are directed at a public which needs an alcoholic liquid to be extraordinary, be it in bottle design or contents. Well, in the beginning of its career, the menthol-infused “AnestasiA Vodka” surely was an extraordinary and surprising experience. Some of its former originality is lost forever.

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