• June 24, 2024

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My blog around Vodka is a private one. It contains interesting articles, personal thoughts, Vodka Reviews, cooking recipes and various personal experiences around Vodka. I know my interest for Vodka is shared by many readers who stumble across this website, looking for more information and exchange. Nice to meet you all!

Vodka is powerful. At first its taste might not be overwhelming, but its alcoholic force is as impressing as the fine differences between brands. You can dilute your Vodka or flavor it for your personal convenience. This of course is unthinkable for purists who prefer their Vodka stiff. It is impossible not to get emotional over some glasses of Vodka. Some people even sing sentimental songs and drink the pledge of close friendship with Vodka. I sometimes ask myself why presidents of well-known nations do not start to sit at the negotiating table, discussing how to end hunger, war, political conflict and international terrorism over some glasses of Vodka. Vodka is not just alcohol. It has soul in my opinion, just like Whiskey. It is an honest drink. It makes us realize we could be brothers and sisters.

Vodka is such an interesting issue. You can find so many stimulating aspects to talk about. For example, I’d like to test some fantastic cooking recipes with Vodka. Maybe you also have some? We could discuss international drinking rituals and personal views on this alcoholic beverage. Why do Russians drink Vodka stiff and why do Americans always mix it? Can we detect ethnological or psychological differences in that? What are the differences between exclusive and cheaper Vodka brands and how do they taste in comparison with each other? What makes a cheap Vodka cheap and an expensive one so precious? You will probably find all the answers to that, provided I will be able to keep this site running. Some well-placed ads would have cared for that. But there will not be too many ads here. Talking about Vodka is not compatible with Google Adsense regulations, for example. So much for personal freedom and financial independence.

I decided to see things positively. Hopefully I can find ways to collect some bucks to finance this website. Some people support homes for animals, some donate in favor of a kids hospital in Uganda, some promoted Wikileaks in the past. Some of you might consider supporting me in the future. I could claim that my blog is some kind of “Vodka-Leaks” because I will leak everything that I detect around this issue right here. The only leak I will hopefully not experience is one in a bottle of Vodka.

With some bucks here and there I will be able to invest some money into essential things. First of all, I could buy another bottle of Vodka for a review. If there is more, I will find ways to improve the site with time. Thank you for clicking the Donate button and for your donation.