• May 19, 2024

Vodka Roulette – Drinking Game

Drinking game with Vodka

Vodka Roulette

We’ve all been there — nothing on TV, nowhere to go, lots of studying to do (but who wants to do that?). The other night I was bored out of my mind and decided that I had to do something about it. That’s when I remembered that my roommate had an almost full bottle of vodka he had bought over the weekend. Perfect! A buddy of mine from home had introduced me to this new drinking game one Friday when we had enough of the normal quarters and flip cup routine. I gathered some friends and got to teaching them all about the wonderful world of Vodka Roulette.

I know you’ve all heard of Russian roulette, so just imagine that instead of bullets, you’re using vodka! The combination of suspense, a game of chance and the ability to watch your friends get wasted makes for an ideal game. Here’s how to play:

Starting with 4 players, decide who’s going to be the bartender. Since the bartender doesn’t drink while he’s pouring, we always take turns at this job. We don’t want anyone left out of the imbibing! You also need one person to be a guesser for this game, so take turns at that position, too.

You can use any clear liquor for this game (so it looks the same as water), but vodka is usually our choice. With his back turned to the players, the bartender will pour 1 shot glass full of water and 1 full of vodka.

Have the guesser pass out the shot glasses to the two drinkers. Since the guesser didn’t see the pouring happen, he can’t keep giving the vodka filled glass to the same player on purpose (although that has the potential to be hysterical).

The two drinkers down their shots at the same time and have to try not to react to which beverage is in their glass. The guesser’s job is to guess which person had the vodka and which had the water.

If the guesser is correct with his guess, he gets to be a drinker and the game continues to rotate through players. If the guesser is wrong, he has to drink a shot.

Vodka roulette has become the game of choice around here for me and my friends. It’s easy to modify based on how many people are around and always makes for a good time.

Play responsibly. Never drink and drive!
Women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects.

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