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There are various reasons to turn to a pureed diet. Whether one is preparing food for an infant, has a dental problem that is preventing proper chewing or wishes to take protein shakes, it is imperative to understand the effective ways of reaping a full nutritional benefit of the diet. A pureed diet requires one to note a few points to ensure that the diet will not only strengthen your body but will also provide nutrition in a texture and consistency that suits you.

Protein Shakes

Taking protein shakes allows one to get all the nutrients he or she need in a meal in one glass. The good thing about it is; you can make protein shakes to your favorite taste. In addition, you can drink them anytime ranging from breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack between meals.

Protein shakes come with high sugar content. To curb this, you need to maximize on fruit puree as a source of protein, fats, and fiber. For instance, you can begin with seedless fruits like bananas or apples, add coconut milk and almond milk, and finally a scoop of protein powder. You can opt to add slices of avocado to boost fat and calorie content. Natural spices like ginger and cinnamon or cocoa powder can spice up the taste of the puree. Further thickening ensures you get the desired consistency.

What are the basics of a pureed diet?

Several types of foods are good at making puree whereas others are inconvenient. You need to avoid stingy foods akin to celery or those with tough skins such as beans and nuts. In addition, those that contain seeds or nuts will give you a hard time when pureeing. Purees made of fruits are considered the best and most nutritious. You can consider ordering fruits from the French fruit supplier in your locality.

An effective way to puree uncooked food is to properly cook it. Once tender, you’ll need to cut it into small pieces, add it to the blender with a little amount of fluid like milk; hence process it to a smooth paste. However, anyone on a pureed diet is advised to ensure he or she is eating enough to effectively meet the protein and calorie needs. Get in touch with a suitable fruit puree supplier.

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