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A musing on female figure problems and Vodka

Why women should take care of their figure while drinking vodka.

Vodka and Women

A musing on female figure problems and Vodka
Most of the people state that Vodka and other pure alcoholic beverages do not contain carbohydrates. That is true. Conclusions that Vodka will do your figure good because it does not contain carbohydrates, are nonsense.

Poundage is a problem
It is an open secret that Russian women do not drink a lot of Vodka unless important occasions force them to. This is funny, because Vodka is the famous Russian national drink. Champagne, which is obviously preferred by Russian women, is not. The average Russian woman prefers to drink Vodka in small amounts. Of course this female trick is almost a state secret and will not be revealed to “outlanders”. It would damage the Russian image of being Vodka drinkers who hold their liquor well. It sometimes happens that an “outlandish” woman marries a Russian man. She probably wants to become more of a Russian. So she starts drinking Vodka whenever visitors or hosts invite her to. Such a woman finds herself drunk many times because she does not know how to say “No, thanks.” in the proper way. Ending up drunk would be survivable. At some time you might find out what you need to do. The real nuisance is that this brave wife will take on poundage. Only a few Russian husbands warn off their “outlandish” wives. Weight Problems from Vodka are a side-effect that is less interesting for men. For them, an impressive figure is quite becoming. It stands for power and strength. Not so for a woman. After you weigh forty pounds more, you cannot fail to see that it is time to get behind the secret. Why can Vodka add so much to the female figure when there is no content of carbohydrates?

Zero carbohydrates, but…
Even customary Russian traditions are laid down when it comes to female figure problems. Vodka got the image of being a “manly” drink because Russian women wisely avoid drinking it too often. If they make exceptions on important occasions, they prefer to sip on Vodka cocktails or small amounts of pure Vodka. It is paradox that Vodka does not contain any carbohydrates and is still able to make you gain weight. That is because Vodka and pure alcoholic beverages like Gin or Brandy miraculously contain calories – in spite of having no carbohydrates. Alcohol as such is NOT free from calories. A small shot-glass full of Vodka delivers 44 calories. That does not sound much, right? But there is another reason why you gain weight when you drink some shots of Vodka regularly. Before you start to drink pure Vodka, you normally eat a lot. The common belief is that this will prevent getting drunk. The second secret behind Vodka and pure alcoholics is, that they block the digestion of fat and carbohydrates for a prolonged time. As long as any alcohol is in your system, everything you have eaten before will be parked somewhere.

Detoxification comes first
Detoxification processes always have top priority in our body. Otherwise we all would be ending up as hazardous waste somewhere. Calories from fat, protein and carbohydrates from preventive food intakes – plus the calories from the Vodka shots you drink – are parked directly where you don’t want to find them: at the hips, the stomach and the thighs. Everyone knows that you will have a hard time once the additional pounds and kilos have snuggled in nicely. They just refuse to leave the system again. While you recognize the added poundage as a future disaster area for your health, your body decides to keep the additional pounds as emergency rations. This is a major conflict that will rule and ruin every diet you ever undertake. This is why Russian women systematically diet on Vodka shots. They understand that you better not lay the cause that has all these unpleasant consequences. American or German woman do not like to drink their Vodka straight. Naturally a Vodka Cocktail has as much calories – plus the additional calories from all the other ingredients. The Vodka cocktail also does not prevent the before-mentioned digestive blockade. But: As a rule, American women tend to eat less fat and drink less alcohol. Any exception confirms the general rule. Up to now, there has not been any scientific study as to the differences between Vodka intake and added poundage in Russian and American women. What a shame!

Some hints to clear such an obstacle
Dieting woman, no matter where they live, should not drink any Vodka. If there is no chance doing the most intelligent thing, you might welcome some helpful hints. If you expect you have to drink Vodka somewhere,

– reduce your daily fat intake to the minimum for your survival. Any additional fat will end up on your belly. Belly dancers might like a full Rubens figure, but other women don’t.

– reduce your carbohydrate intake for this day for the same reasons. Eat lots of vegetables instead.

– do not reduce your daily protein intake. Eat cooked or grilled chicken breast or turkey. Avoid any additional fat.

It is wise for dieting people, to stick to Vodka cocktails because the caloric contents in other alcoholic beverages are much higher. Mix Vodka only with diet coke or light soft-drinks. This way, you can prevent that the poundage you will add to your weight, is too high.

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